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Tax Worksheets

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The majority of your tax information will be gathered from your tax papers.
Our worksheets are designed to gather any  additional information.

Complete the following Online Tax Questionnaire.

2021 Tax Questionnaire

(Everyone please complete)

Then complete any of the other worksheets listed below that apply to you.
Don’t Worry if you missed any. Our Questionnaire is designed
to determined what other worksheets are required.
After our review we will follow up with
 any additional worksheets and/or tax questions.

Other Worksheets
(Complete the ones that apply to you)

Itemized Deductions
For 2021 you need to have at least
$12,550 for single filers
$25,100 for Joint filers
$18,800 for head of household
In order to Itemize

Donated Property Over $500
If itemizing

Job Related Moving Expenses
Active military only

Rental Schedule
(Also available in a spreadsheet template below)

Business P&L
   (Also available in a spreadsheet download below)

If you are using QuickBooks Desktop Click Here

Child & Dependent Care Credit
This could include elderly care

Tuition Credit
Higher Education

Residential Energy Credit
Solar/Fuel Cells/Geothermal

Alternative Powered Vehicle Credit
Electric, Fuel Cell and
Plug-in Hybrids Vehicles

Small Employer Heath Insurance Credit
If you have 25 or less employees

W2 Employee Expenses
State Deductible if you are able to itemize

Bank Account for Direct Deposit
Please update if changed since last filed tax return

Tax notes (anything you wish to add)

Spreadsheet Templates


The above templates are in the Desktop Excel 97/2000 spreadsheet format.
 They can be opened with Microsoft Excel Desktop 97 or higher
or with the FREE Apache Desktop OpenOffice software.

They can also be uploaded to your Free or Paid Onedrive Cloud.
 If you would like to share it with us, our Onedrive handle is ””
This is our preferred option, as we can work on it together.

After we review your worksheets & tax papers
 we will contact you regarding any follow-up tax questions we may have.

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