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Tax Documents Check List

Below is a check list of the different tax forms that are reported to the IRS and shared with state agencies. These are cross checked with your tax return filings. Missing forms can result in an tax inquiry or audit.

It’s VERY IMPORTANT you send us all tax documents you received. Carefully review if any are missing.
 If so, you may want to request copies, or order IRS transcripts.

  • Copy of last years tax return (if new client)
  • W-2 Forms Wages Earned
  • 1099-NEC Non Employee Income
  • 1099-Misc Rents, Royalties (if reported)
     Corps are exempt from 1099 forms
  • 1099-K Merchant Credit Card, Paypal, etc.
  • 1099-B Interest, Dividend, Stock Sales etc.
  • 1099-C Cancellation of Debt
  • 1099-A Foreclosure
  • 1099-INT Interest your received
  • 1099-DIV Dividends you received
  • 1098 Mortgage Interest paid to a financial institution
  • 1095-A Health Insurance from the Marketplace
     (Covered CA, etc.)
  • 1095-B Proof of Insurance
  • 1095-C Proof of Insurance
  • 1099-S Sale of Real Estate
  • 1099-G Taxable Government Payments. UI, etc.
  • 1099-R Pension, IRA, etc. Distributions
  • 5498 IRS Contributions / Conversions, etc.
  • K-1 Forms from S-Corps, Partnerships, Trusts, etc.
  • SSA-1099 Social Security Benefits
  • 1098-E Student Loan Interest
  • 1098-T Tuition Paid
  • 1099-Q Education Savings Account Reporting
  • Escrow Closing Statements
  • IRS Letters 6475, 6419, etc.