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1099 Forms

1099-NEC forms are due no later than January 31st

1099-Misc forms are due no later than March 31st

We recommend working directly with one of the many online 1099 form services. Most support QuickBooks uploads. They specialize in 1099 forms, and can prepare them at a much lower cost than we can.

To list a few:

If you prefer, we can prepare your 1099 forms, please upload your information as early as possible via this secure upload link

Please do not email social security numbers. Upon request, we can also send you a secure link to our 1099 worksheet.

If we also provide your bookkeeping, we will prepare your 1099 forms, provided we receive all required information timely.

We would need the following information to prepare your 1099 forms.

  • Name of payee or W-9 form
  • Address or W-9 form
  • EIN or Soc Sec number or W-9 form (unless already on file)
  • Amount paid
  • Payee’s email address (Save on mailing costs)

Below are the basic guidelines if 1099 forms are required, if you have any questions, please contact us.1099 forms are required for most business to business check and/or cash payments over $600 exceptions include:Payments to corporations other than legal or medical.

Payments made by credit card, Paypal or other payment processing service.

Payments for personal service.

You should require W-9 forms before payments are issued.

You should encourage your payees to apply for and use EIN numbers. This would save them from having to give out their social security numbers and save you the burden of securely storing them. Applying is FREE, fast & easy using this link