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Corporate Officers W2 Service

Dear Corp Client:

The EDD and IRS requires that some of your corporate earnings be reported on a W-2 form by the end of each year.

The EDD has increased enforcement & penalties for noncompliance over the years. The EDD penalties can be substantial.

Enforcement may increase further with the new California Assembly Bill SB5. that went into effect Jan 1, 2020

This service is designed for the small corp that only requires payroll for Corporate Officers. If you also have employees you may want to use our Assisted Quickbooks payroll service.

This service includes tax planning. Where your estimated taxes will be paid through your W2 withholding rather than estimated payments.

We will file all your required federal and state payroll reports quarterly. And verify that all your payroll taxes are paid timely.

Our service starts at $400 a year for one officer.

Click on the link below if you would like to sign up for our service.

Payroll Setup