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But it’s a necessary EVIL

Our motto is

Keep it Simple!

Please talk to us before spending money
on a bookkeeping software subscription

Do not spend money on QuickBooks when Quicken will do the Job, better yet don’t buy any bookkeeping software at all. Instead, send us your year-end bank downloads and let us do the work. Fees starting as low as $300 a year.

We can EASILY do your bookkeeping if you follow these simple guidelines:

Select Checking & Credit Card Accounts that Retain transactions for at least 18 months:

 To save work & bookkeeping fees, set up and use separate accounts for business and personal, try not to mix.

Pay by credit card when possible

Use your banks online Bill-pay to send checks to payees.

Use Zelle when possible. Paypal, Venmo may also work.

Only use Computer and/or Handwritten checks if no other payment method is an option. Bank downloads do not include payee information on checks and will require extra work.

At year end, download and send us your January 1 to December 31 bank download file in a Excel or CSV format for each bank and credit card you use for business. We can walk you through this or you can add us as a limited access user, and we will download the transactions for you.

We understand you may also need Invoicing and/or payroll. These can be separate standalone products and should not be a compelling reason to purchase QuickBooks or any other accounting package. In our opinion, maintaining a set of books on these accounting packages requires a lot more work compared to modern online banking methods.