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Sending us your Tax Return information:

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Send us your tax papers

Below is a check list of the different tax forms that are reported to the IRS and shared with state agencies. It's VERY IMPORTANT you send us all forms you received. CarefulIy review if any are missing. If so, you may want to request copies, or order IRS transcripts.

Please don't send us all your receipts. Instead, enter your totals in the worksheets in step 2. (see step 2 in right column)

Tax Papers Check List

  • Copy of last years tax return (if new client)
  • W-2 Forms Wages earned

  • 1099-Misc Self Employment, Rents, Royalties (if reported) Note: most corporations are exempt from receiving 1099 forms.

  • 1099-K Credit Card or Paypal  payments you received that totaled over 200 transactions and exceeding $20K
  • 1099-B Stock Sales through a broker (Please send broker statement)
  • 1099-C Cancellation of Debt

  • 1099-A Foreclosure
  • 1099-INT Interest you received

  • 1099-DIV Dividends

  • 1098 Mortgage Interest paid to a financial institution

  • W 2-G Large Gambling winnings

  • 1095-A Health Insurance from the Marketplace (example:Covered CA)

  • 1095-B Proof of Health Insurance
  • 1095-C Proof of Health Insurance
  • 1099-SA Distributions from HSA and/or MSA accounts
  • 1099-S Sale of Real Estate

  • 1099-G Taxable Government payments, Unemployment, etc.

  • 1099-R Pension Distributions, IRA's etc.

  • 5498 IRA Contributions / Conversions, etc.
  • K-1 Form From S-Corp, Partnership, Trust, etc.

  • SSA-1099 Social Security Benefits

  • 1098-E Student Loan Interest

  • 1098-T Tuition Paid

  • 1099-Q Education Savings Account reporting
  • Escrow Closing Statements
  • Business Profit & Loss Statement (We prefer in an spreadsheet format, if possible) Most accounting software exports reports in an spreadsheet format. However; printouts are acceptable. If you are not using any accounting software, you can download one of our P&L tempates. See step 2 next columum.

Options for sending us
your tax papers digitally

Scan & Upload  to Our Secure Server.  UPLOAD HERE 
(Secure Transfer provided by

Don't have a scanner? most Staples have a self-serve scan center for 50 cents a page.
Only have a couple of documents?, W-2, etc. just take a snap shot with your phone & send to us.

Or fax to us. Secured on our end by SFax (HIPPAA Compliant) Please call 951-708-1120 for fax number.

Or mail to us and we will do the scanning for you.

Mailing & Drop-Off Options

Request a USPS Flat Rate Mailing Label click Here
This label must be used with a USPS provided Flat Rate 12.5 x 9.5 Envelope

Mailing Address

Drop off Locations

For other Drop-Off or Appointment Options Contacts US

E File

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Complete our tax worksheets

The majority of your tax information will be gathered from your tax papers. Our worksheets are designed to gather any  additional information.

Complete the following Online Tax Questionnaire.

Then complete any of the other worksheets that apply to you. Don't Worry if you missed any. Our Questionnaire is designed to determined what other worksheets are required. After reviewing your answers we will guide you through any additional worksheets and/or tax questions.

Tax Questionnaire
(Everyone please complete)

Other Worksheets:
(Complete the ones that apply to you)

You can also download a PDF version of our Tax Worksheets Here

Spreadsheet Templates (downloads)

Business P&L Spreadsheet Template (Sole Proprietor Sch C)

Business P&L Spreadsheet Template (Corporation)

Business P&L
Spreadsheet Template (Partnership)

Rental Spreadsheet Template

The above templates are in the Excel 97/2000 spreadsheet format.  They can be opened with Microsoft Excel 97 or higher, or with the FREE Apache OpenOffice software.

Click HERE to download your FREE copy of Open Office from

After we review your worksheets & tax papers we will contact you regarding any follow-up tax questions we may have.